The GAO (US Government Accountability Office) conducted a study to determine the rate at which administrative law judges allowed disability benefits to be paid when claimants appealed. The study looked at years 2007 through 2015. Some of the interesting statistics to come form the study include:

  • There is up to a 45% difference in approval rates between judges
  • The approval rate average dropped 5% over the 9 years
  • Age and impairments were a factor in approval rates
  • Claimants who have representation were 3 times as likely to win

We would like to call attention to the last bullet point… over a 9 year span the data remained the same that if you have a representative helping you with your case you are 3x (3 times) more likely to win. So, if you were wondering if you made the right choice in hiring an attorney, the answer is yes.

Feel free to share this info with anyone who may be considering filing for disability and is unsure if they should hire an attorney.