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If you are suffering with an injury or illness that keeps you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. If you cannot stay gainfully employed and it is affecting your life negatively, it is a good idea to check into receiving disability benefits. Millions of Americans are faced with the hard choice of filing for disability. We understand that this is not an easy choice. President Roosevelt wanted to protect American workers and their paychecks by creating the Social Security Administration in 1935.

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Fort Myers Social Security Disability Attorneys

Since then, Fort Myers residents have been paying in to the Social Security System through their paychecks. If you worked legally, you paid in to the system. The reason you paid into the system is so you can collect the benefits and payments coming to you should you be unable to work. If you find yourself in a place where you know that you can no longer work, please call us at 239.945.0808 to schedule to speak to an attorney. Our Fort Myers attorneys are sympathetic to your situation and want to help.

SSD, SSDI and SSI Attorneys Fort Myers

Our Fort Myers Lawyers are experienced disability attorneys and can assist you in building your case for the judge. Our lawyers have hearings daily, are educated and have been practicing Social Security law for years. Carol Avard, Esq., founded Avard Law Offices in Lee County in 1989. Her goal was to be an advocate for the disabled Americans in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Carol received her Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard and her Juris Doctor from the University of New Hampshire. She is a board certified attorney, so you know that she has the knowledge and experience to help you. We have FOUR Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorneys (Carol Avard, Douglas Mohney, Mark Zakhvatayev, Michael Sexton), certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Schedule to speak with a Fort Myers Disability Attorney today at 239.945.0808.

Fort Myers Attorneys Appeal Your Disability Denial

Unfortunately, most of the people who apply on their own are rejected. In fact about 60% of first time applicants are denied disability. Many of the clients who come to us have already been denied the first time. Our disability attorneys know the system and can appeal your denial. We have a team of disability attorneys, paralegals, social security advocates a legal assistants; all they do is Social Security Disability. Put our skilled team to work for you. Hire Avard Law to represent you in Fort Myers for your disability case. Schedule to speak with a Fort Myers Attorney today at 239.945.0808.

Fort Myers Lawyers Disability Attorneys | Avard Law

For over 35 years, Avard Law Offices has been practicing Social Security Law in Fort Myers. We have highly skilled attorneys that are sympathetic to your situation and want to help you with your case. Our attorney team will help you gather medical records, work records and the associated paperwork the judge will expect to see at your hearing. The judge will weigh the evidence presented, talk to you about your work history, and take you through your Social Security Disability hearing. Schedule to speak with a Fort Myers Social Security Attorney today at 239.945.0808.

Fort Myers Attorney

Our Fort Myers Law Firm Office is located at 5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd., in Fort Myers, Near Boyscout drive and Cleveland Avenue (Rt. 41). Give us a call to schedule to speak with an attorney who can help you understand your case, the legal aspects of your disability, and the options available to you. Not only do we handle SSD, we also handle SSI and SSDI. We also handle Veterans Disability and Disability for Municipal and Civil workers like firemen, police, schools bus drivers, teachers and more. If you have questions, ask us and we will do our best to give you accurate and timely information.

Short Term Disability Attorney Fort Myers

We explore all of the options available to you, not just SSD. You may be eligible for different disability payment programs from the SSA. Once we you speak with us and tell us more about your situation, we can advise you on issues like short-term disability, SSD, SSI, SSDI. We also help children and parent who are trying to get disability for their children. If you need more information about short term disability from the SSA, Schedule to speak with a Fort Myers Social Security Attorney today at 239.945.0808.

Long Term Disability Attorney Fort Myers

There are many options available within the disability laws and programs that were designed to benefit you and your family. If you are looking for answers about Long Term Disability in Fort Myers, it is time to schedule a call to speak with a disability attorney. Avard Law Offices has over 35 years of practice in the area of Social Security Disability. We know what it takes to win your case. Our goal is for you to receive a fully favorable judgement from the court, so you can win your case and receive monthly disability payments.

Disability Appeals Attorney Fort Myers

If your claim was denied, don’t be discouraged. We can appeal. Many of our clients come to us after being denied disability after making the application. If the court is missing any of the required materials, they may not be able to approve your claim. Getting disability without an attorney can be tricky. That is where we come in. Contact us today to get the best chance of winning your case. We have been doing Social Security for 35 years. You can trust us to work with you on your case. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today at 239.945.0808.

Why Choose Fort Myers Attorneys of Avard Law

  • We are the ONLY Florida Law Firm with FOUR Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorneys. 
  • Our Fort Myers office is centrally located to Fort Myers, near Boy scout Drive and 41.
  • TWO Social Security Disability Certified Advocates on staff.
  • Former Decision Maker from the Social Security Administration on staff.
  • Over 35 years experience in Social Security Disability Law in Fort Myers Florida.
  • Have your hearing right in our office! Just over the Cape Coral Bridge in Fort Myers. Skip the courtroom. We are a site approved by the Social Security Administration to hold disability hearings via video right in our Fort Myers/Cape Coral office.

Fort Myers Social Security Disability Attorney

For over thirty years, Carol Avard and her team of Attorneys have been representing the people of Fort Myers Florida before Social Security Administrative Judges at disability hearings. The Social Security Disability team at Avard Law Fort Myers has a thorough understanding of disability law, along with the skills and experience in the courtroom to be your advocates. Let us handle your legal matters. Call to speak with a Fort Myers attorney at 239.945.0808.


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Fort Myers Attorneys: Why Avard Law Offices?

Avard Law Office is the ONLY law firm in Florida with FOUR Board Certified Social Security Attorneys, and former Social Security decision maker on staff with 30 years experience, and certified social security disability advocates to take you through every step of preparing your Social Security Disability claim and application with you. Our Fort Myers attorneys are very knowledgeable in the law. We are your Social Security Disability Attorneys in Fort Myers. (Carol Avard, Douglas Mohney, Mark Zakhvatayev and Michael Sexton are board certified Social Security Disability Attorneys, certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.)
Fort Myers Social Security Disability Attorney
FORT MYERS RESIDENTS: If you are disabled, either totally or partially, or have an unseen condition that affects your ability to earn a living, and you think you have a Social Security Disability case, we need to talk. Our Fort Myers Social Security Disability legal team can bring your Social Security Disability case together like no other. We handle SSD, SSDI, SSI for the SSA. Schedule to talk to a Fort Myers Attorney today: 239.945.0808. Our attorneys will sit down with you, discuss your case and concerns, and come up with a plan to get you monthly benefits, and optimize your case. We want you to win!

Can I File a Disability Claim on My Own?

Many have tried to file a Social Security Disability claim on their own, but in reality, the SSA rejects over 64% of those claims outright. This is often because there is so much to know when filling out an application. We have helps thousands of people get their disability and we can assist you too. If you were denied benefits because your claim was denied, there are other legal routes we can take to appeal your case. Don’t lose your chance to appeal your Social Security Disability Case, call us now. 

Fort Myers Attorneys

Our Fort Myers Attorneys handle legal issues including Social Security Disability and Disability Insurance Issues, personal injury, medical malpractice and much more. Avard Law in Fort Myers handles SSD, SSI, SSDI and more. We also fight for Veteran’s Benefits from the VA. We are your Social Security Disability Attorneys in Fort Myers. 

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