Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

If you receive SSI disability benefits, generally less than half of your earned income will be deducted from your SSI benefit check as follows. However, there are exceptions that are called exclusions that reduce your gross wages and certain exclusionary amounts do not get counted.

These are as follows: $65.00 may be deducted from gross earnings each month; $20.00 may be deducted each month from gross earnings if not used as a deduction on unearned income; what remains is the income that counts. 50% of the remaining earnings after considering the above exclusions, will not be considered at all. Therefore, slightly more than 50% of your gross earnings will not be counted by SSA. (There are additional rules that apply if there are other people in your household and if you have impairment related expenses.)

Please realize that if you are successful in returning to work, you are still eligible for a closed period of time within which you MAY receive benefits before making a successful return to work.

There is no trial work period on an SSI case. It is our recommendation at Avard Law Offices, P.A. that if you desire to work, you should take advantage of all opportunities to test out your capacity to work. However, you must also understand that after we have worked a considerable period of time on your case, if you decide to drop your case without telling your attorneys, and you do not pursue a closed period, under the law, your attorney is entitled to petition for the equitable value of our legal services, and once approved, the attorney may bill you for the time spent on your case.


If you drink alcohol in excess or take illegal drugs, please seek treatment or you may not be approved for disability. Also, if you smoke cigarettes, ask for medication to help you stop or cut back. Some decision makers think smoking contributes to many disabilities.