How Does Social Security Decide That you Are Disabled if You Are Not Working?

Social Security will read the forms you filled out and it may look at what you do around the house from the time you get up until the time you go to sleep at night. If you cook three meals a day, maybe you can work as a cook. If you cut your grass or do gardening, maybe you can be a landscape worker or work in a garden shop. If you do laundry, maybe you can work for a laundry cleaner. If you take care of a sick relative, maybe you can
work as a health care aid.

Some judges think if you prepare very detailed forms or type them yourself, that is evidence you can concentrate and are not in pain. If you have difficulty preparing the forms, have a family member assist you.

If you drive a distance to your doctor’s office or drive your children to school, maybe you can work as a taxi cab driver. If your treating physician reports that you do these things and does not recommend that you stop doing these things, you may not be found disabled.

If you have pain from your medical conditions, and your doctor has not prescribed medication, whether or not you take it, that may be some evidence that you are not seriously disabled.

If you are not in treatment on a regular basis, that may also show that you are not seriously disabled. The fact that you cannot afford treatment does not matter because it is well known that there are both free medical clinics and clinics that charge on a sliding scale based on income.

A list of clinics in your area is attached. If these clinics refuse to see you, call your attorney’s office so that your attorney can try to get you an appointment. The fact that nothing can be done about your condition is not an acceptable excuse for not getting treatment since some judges feel anyone not in treatment cannot have a serious medical condition. And, proof of disability can best be shown by use of medical records that describe your symptoms and ongoing pain.