A recent news feed, while unconfirmed and may or may not be true, has hinted at the possible ability to deputize SSA workers to assist in (with additional protections) the finding and prosecuting of persons who may be committing fraud through the Social Security Disability system.

This is to be taken as a warning that the SS administration may be increasing their search for and awareness of fraudulent activities within their programs. This is currently a pilot program, and the nearest test location is Miami, but this may become a reality everywhere within the near future if these tests are successful.

Here is a direct quote from a written testimony to Congress: “the Inspector General has previously pointed out the majority of fraud in the disability program, to date, has been detected by the front line disability examiner in the DDS. Therefore, it is critical that adequate funds be consistently appropriated to ensure DDSs have sufficient staff and resources to not only produce disability decisions that are timely and accurate but that their caseloads be manageable and they have received sufficient training to perform their jobs so that they can continue to detect those instances when some individuals attempt to defraud the program.”

Under this program you could be followed around, photographed and even video-taped. These persons will get paid to submit this evidence to disprove your disability by showing that you are functionally active. They have been deputized, have additional protections under the law and are even trained to carry a gun.

If proven, clients could face termination of benefits. Clients should stay off Facebook, Twitter and in general social media and not engage in activities that are not consistent with their physical and/or mental limitations.