You should be receiving (or already have) a $1200 stimulus check or more depending on family size, from the US governement.

While this may be a relief to many, their are some who are looking to try and take that money from you. Most will think scammers, but if you owe money and it is overdue or in collections, some creditors could be waiting for this time to strike.

An article found on the NCLC digital library gives some great information regarding who may be at risk and strategies for protecting your money. Topics include:

  • The Threat to Families’ Stimulus Checks
  • Are There Special Limits on Judgment Creditors’ Garnishment of Stimulus Payments?
  • Determining If a Bank Account Is Subject to Garnishment
  • Strategies for At-Risk Direct Deposit Recipients
  • Special Strategy for At-Risk Social Security, SSI, and VA Beneficiaries
  • Should Consumers Provide Their Direct Deposit Information to the IRS or Wait to Receive Stimulus Payments by Paper Check?
  • Strategies to Avoid Garnishment for Those Receiving Paper Checks

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