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Avard Law is the Social Security Disability Attorney Firm for Clearwater. If you are a resident of Clearwater, Tampa or the surrounding area, and you think you may qualify to receive monthly payments from the Social Security Administration, give us a call now at 727.828.8526 for a FREE CONSULTATION. You are under no obligation. We only get paid if you win. Call Clearwater Attorneys at 727.828.8526.

Social Security Disability Claim Denied? Rejected? Appeal!

It is not surprising that the majority of applications individuals complete and submit to the Social Security Administration are rejected or denied. This can be very disheartening for the person who is counting on disability payments to survive. If you are suffering with a disability, or it is causing you problems staying gainfully employed, it may be time to think about an alternative. The Social Security Disability system was created by the US Government as a safety net for American workers, including the Americans in Clearwater. If you need an attorney and you reside in Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo or Belleair, we are here to assist you. Call Clearwater Attorneys at 727.828.8526.

Is your Attorney Board Certified in Social Security?

When you retain a Social Security Disability Attorney at Avard Law, you can be assured you are getting the best treatment possible. Carol Avard, Esq. and Douglas Mohney, Esq. are both board certified Social Security Disability Attorneys with the National Board of Trial Advocacy. They have spent significant amounts of time studying the laws and rules required for a successful outcome and they bring all of that wisdom, knowledge and experience to your case. A favorable outcome for your case is exactly what we want. Clearwater attorneys at Avard Law can help get your case on track. Call today for a free consultation: Call Clearwater Attorneys at 727.828.8526.


“Social Security Disability Law is made up of hundreds of rules, guidelines and procedures that become very difficult to understand if you are not familiar with the Social Security Disability process. A Board Certified Social Security Attorney is a good choice if you want to win.”

Social Security Disability Attorney Clearwater

We have been handling Social Security Disability claims for residents of Clearwater Florida for over thirty years. We know what we are doing in the field of Social Security Disability. You can have confidence that you are getting the very best Social Security Disability Attorneys. Short term disability, long term disability, veterans disability, FRS, Florida Retirement System disability-we do it all.


FOUR of our Clearwater attorneys are board certified in Social Security Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. This means that they have been tested and have proven they are qualified and skilled at the profession.  No other firm in Florida has FOUR Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorneys. No one but Avard Law. Carol Avard, Douglas Mohney, Mark Zakhvatayev and Michael Sexton are both board certified attorneys in Social Security disability in Clearwater Florida.



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Are You Getting the Best Social Security Lawyer in Clearwater?

Many Social Security Disability law firms that represent themselves as experienced Social Security Disability representatives may not actually be board certified Social Security disability attorneys. You need an attorney who knows all of the rules and laws associated with Social Security Disability. Avard Law has a combined experience of over 100 years-(attorneys combined), and we know how to handle your case with the expertise needed. We will do everything we can to receive a Fully Favorable outcome from the judge at your social security hearing.


Preserve Your Rights with Clearwater Attorneys

You have the right to obtain you own legal representation for handling your Social Security disability claim. Avard Law has been representing citizens from Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa since 1989. We have the staff, the resources and the know-how to optimize your case. You want the best outcome, right? Choose Avard Law, that is our goal as well. Residents of Clearwater have relied on Avard Law Offices for Social Security Disability and so can you. We care about your Social Security Disability case and your family’s happiness. We are your Social Security Disability Attorneys Orlando to Clearwater.


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We are also lawyers for Personal Injury, Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, FRS Pension, Municipal Employee Pensions, Veteran’s Benefits and more. We are your Social Security Disability Attorneys in Clearwater. Call Clearwater Attorneys at 727.828.8526.


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If you live in or near Clearwater, Give Us a Call to Start the process. The call is free and we only get paid if you win. What do you have to lose? We are your Social Security Disability Attorneys Orlando to Clearwater.  We handle SSD and SSI issues as well. Call Clearwater Attorneys at 727.828.8526.


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