Social Security Disability Attorney Venice Florida

Social Security Disability Law is a specialized branch of law that deals with helping individuals apply for, and obtain monthly benefits from the Social Security Fund. The Social Security System was signed into law in 1935 by President Roosevelt as a security net, should individuals become sick or injured, and unable to work or remain gainfully employed. If you reside in Venice Florida and need an attorney, think Avard Law. We have been helping people in Venice with their legal situations for decades and we know what it takes to help you. Call us now at 941.954.1073.


Our office serves Nokomis, Venice, Laurel, Venice Gardens, Plantation, South Venice and all of Southwest Florida. We want to get to know you, and help you with your legal needs. We can help you resolve situations that are sources of stress for many people. Avard Law has been practicing Social Security Disability Law since 1989. You can trust Avard Law for your legal needs. We are Disability attorneys for Venice.

Social Security Disability Attorney Venice Florida

Avard Law has Social Security Disability Offices in Venice Florida and is currently offering FREE CONSULTATIONS. If you think you may have a Social Security Disability Case, contact Avard Law Venice Office today to find out: 941.954.1073The consult is free and there is no obligation. We are looking forward to speaking with you, either on the phone or in person, to discuss the details of your case and strategize with you as we build your case. We are up to the task! 

Social Security Disability Attorney Venice Florida

Our Social Security Disability Attorneys in Venice are able to meet with you, listen to your story and help you understand the requirements for filing a Social Security Disability Claim. There is much work to be done with collecting your records and compiling them into a strong case for you. Our attorneys can assist residents of Venice with their Social Security Disability issues, personal injury issues, medical malpractice and more. Our paralegals and support staff are dedicated to your case! We know what it takes to help you win in Venice.


Help With Rejected Social Security Claims in Venice
Your Social Security Disability lawyer should know the Social Security System and have plenty of experience.  Avard Law has been handling Social Security Disability cases for over 30 years. Carol Avard and Doug Mohney are Board Certified Social Security Attorneys, certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. If you are a Venice resident and you need legal help from a team of lawyers, contact Avard Law today,  at 941.954.1073.


Are You Getting the Best Social Security Lawyer in Venice?

Not every lawyer who accepts Social Security Disability cases is certified as a Social Security Disability Attorney. Attorneys certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy have a set of strict standards they must abide by in order to maintain good standing with the certification board. Clients we have represented from Venice Florida know they can trust Avard Law with their case. Avard Law was founded in Florida in 1989 in order to help our fellow neighbors in Venice, Englewood, Gulf Gate Estates, Fruitville, North Port and beyond.


We understand how intimidating it might be for an individual to face the big task of gathering all of the information, notes, medical records and pay records, and we can assure you, we have a support staff second to none, individuals who have been working within the Social Security Disability system for many, many years. We have a former decision maker from the Social Security Administration on staff at Avard Law. Our paralegals, advocates and associates combine their unique talents to focus on you and your case.  We have lawyers who can meet you in Venice to discuss your case with you. 941.954.1073

Personal Injury Lawyers in Venice

Avard Law offers other legal services to the good people of Venice Florida like representation for Personal Injury Cases and accidents. If you have a car or motorcycle accident in Venice, we can assist. We can also help you sort out DUI and DWI issues. Please give us a call and we can get started. 941.954.1073


Many people have relied on us for Social Security Disability Law and so can you. We care about your family’s happiness. We are your Social Security Disability Attorneys in Central Florida. We look forward to hearing from you. If you are in Venice or the surrounding area, call: 941.954.1073.