Personal Injury and Social Security Disability Attorneys

To help you decide if you qualify for DISABILITY BENEFITS IN FLORIDA, here is a list of medical impairments that may qualify you for disability for Social Security Benefits. If you do not meet these criteria there are other important ways to qualify for disability benefits. Contact your Social Security Attorney at Avard Law for further information.

Cardiovascular System 

Digestive System 
Endocrine System 
Genitourinary Impairments
Hematological Disorders 
Impairments That Affect Multiple Body Systems
Immune System Disorders 
Malignant Neoplastic Diseases (cancer)
Mental Disorders
Musculoskeletal System 
Respiratory System 
Skin Disorder
Special Senses and Speech

For more information on each subject, click on the subject and go to Federal Social Security Laws online. Or, call your DISABILITY ATTORNEY at Avard Law for a quick evaluation at 239-945-0808.