The CARES Act provided an additional $600 per week of unemployment benefits to Americans who were eligible after losing their job due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

While this has been a lifeline for millions, it is set to end on July 31st, leaving many without a job and without sufficient income.

If you are currently on unemployment and feel you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, there is hope. You can apply now for Social Security Disability benefits while collecting unemployment insurance. The SSA does not prohibit you from applying for nor receiving disability benefits while on unemployment provided that when you apply you believe that you cannot do full-time or substantial and gainful work activity.

Our 4 Board Certified Attorneys in SSD by the NBTA can help walk you through the process of applying for and winning your case for disability benefits. Whether it’s yourself, a family member, or a friend, we encourage you to pass this message along to them and have them give us a call.