If you are a first responder like firefighters, law enforcement agents, correctional officers, and EMT’s the Heart & Lung Bill (Florida Statute 112.18) provides much needed medical assistance to those that were injured at work.

Who is Eligible for The Heart and Lung Bill?

  • Many types of State Employees are eligible
  • State and local police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, municipal, port authority, and special tax districts
  • Must have had a health impairment or condition that includes tuberculosis, heart disease, hypertension, and PTSD (recently added)
  • Medical impairments must result in total or partial disability
  • Impairments presumed to have been accidental or suffered in the line of duty

If you meat the qualifications you must fill out an application within the 2-year statute of limitations. The heart/lung claim classifies the start date as the moment you receive permanent work restrictions that causes you to lose income from the date of your accident. From that date forward, you have 90 days to report your claim to your supervisor. If for whatever reason the claim is denied, you have 2 years from your accident date to file a suit.

If you or someone you know falls under these qualifications and would like to file a suit, please have them call today!