It is important to know that this is voluntary, is being tested in some offices, and you should consult us (your attorney) prior to completing this form.

What is it:

Normally hearings are scheduled in date order. Hearings come with a 75 day advanced notice of date, time and location of hearing. With this program you are put on a waiting list for cancelled or rescheduled hearing times that open up sooner hearing dates than originally possible. In certain circumstances you could be called as early as the next day for a hearing. Some Judges will restrict the introduction of some of your evidence if it doesn’t meet the 5 day evidence rules.

Is it a good idea:

This depends entirely on your personal case. If your record is up to date, your file is complete and your attorney feels confident in proceeding then yes it can be a great way to get a hearing sooner than later. However, if your case is not fully developed, you are still in treatment and those recent records need to be obtained, and you attend a hearing without those records, you could jeopardize your case or even be denied your disability benefits because the judge can refuse to accept the recent treatment records.

It is important that if you receive a letter and voluntary standby program form you call 888-685-7930 first and discuss with your attorney before deciding on if this is a good fit for your case.

The form is titled: “Option to Accept an Early Hearing Waiver of Timely Written Notice of Hearing”