Motorcycles are, by far, the riskiest vehicles to drive. In fact, 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death, while only 20% of car accidents result in the same. The major discrepancy is because motorcycles do not have proper protection against collisions, and the constant need for balance makes riding more prone to instability.

Florida ranks second in terms of registered motorcycles in the country, but it ranked number one in 2019 for motorcycle fatalities. Because of this alarming rate, there have been numerous efforts that help educate more drivers about road safety. Still, wearing protective padding or driving within the speed limit can only get you so far. Motorcyclists are still prone to many bodily injuries during accidents. Here are the most common injuries for motorcycle drivers in Florida and the rest of the United States.

1. Lower Extremities

Almost half of all motorcycle accidents will involve some sort of injury to the legs, feet, and thighs. The statistics land at 47%, and it’s only rising as the years go by. Thankfully, injuries in the lower extremities are rarely fatal. The worse ones can cause paralysis, which can lead to permanent disability.

2. Upper Extremities

Injuries on the arms and legs occur in around 40% of motorcycle accidents. Road rash, broken bones, and mutilation are some of the common ones. To avoid these morbid injuries, motorcyclists must wear protective padding and gloves. These provide an additional level of protection from hard surfaces.

3. Head

While head injuries only account for 35% of all injuries in collisions, they’re still a major concern because the skull houses the brain. Severe injury to this part of the body can lead to life-altering issues and, in some cases, death. That’s why helmets are mandatory for all motorcycle riders.

4. Chest

Broken ribs and punctured lungs are common injuries that can happen during motorcycle accidents. In fact, chest injuries occur in about 31% of all collisions. Because many vital organs are housed in the chest, protecting it against impact is all the more important for drivers.

5. Spine

Spinal injuries happen in 20% of all motorcycle collisions. While the number is significantly less than the others, spinal injuries are still a major cause of concern. In the most severe cases, permanent paralysis is often expected. Since the spinal cord controls many involuntary bodily functions, crushed or broken vertebrae can cause death.

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