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Avard Law Offices | Social Security Disability & Personal Injury Attorneys | South Florida
Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions2023-09-29T05:10:33+00:00

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I take after a car accident?2022-07-29T11:44:05+00:00

If you suffer a personal injury, you should seek medical attention for your injuries. Some injuries get worse several days after the accident. If you feel any pain in any area as a results of your personal injury you should seek medical attention and if not available, go to the emergency room closest to where you live.

You should take photographs of the conditions that caused the accident and talk to any witnesses and get their names and phone numbers and document the road conditions.

Obtain the police report or other accident report and assess the damage to the vehicle.

Exchange insurance information with the other drivers.

Should I contact a personal injury attorney or car accident attorney?2022-07-29T11:44:46+00:00

You should contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury,  car or motorcycle accidents, or slip and falls. The attorney will be able to speak to the insurance company and focus on resolving all the legal issues so that you can spend time improving your medical condition by getting into treatment.

While an attorney will work hard to settle your case without having to go to trial,  make sure your attorney has trial experience in personal injury law so that if it becomes necessary your case will be properly developed to proceed to trial.

Avard Law Offices, P.A. has been handling Personal Injury and Accident cases for a very long time, since 1989, 33 years ago.  They have obtained substantial settlements over the years and are prepared to litigate until the case gets resolved.

What do I do if I have medical bills?2022-07-29T11:45:25+00:00

Florida Statute sec. 627.736 provides that you have 14 days to see a doctor after an accident.   Send these bills immediately for payment with assistance from your accident team attorneys.

What kind of attorney should I get to represent me on my personal injury case?2022-07-29T11:48:11+00:00

You need an attorney who knows the law and understands actual economic and non-economic damages.

You should ask your attorney how many trials the lawyer has handled during his/her career, and it would help if the attorney was also Board Certified so that he/she has knowledge about your particular injuries and/or disabilities.   At Avard Law Offices, PA, you will have a accident team working on your case that includes:  a trial attorney, administrative attorney, paralegal, and legal assistant.

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

What will your legal team do for you?2022-07-29T11:46:44+00:00

Your legal team will help you to obtain the documentation required to process your claim and that includes getting your medical records, the accident report, medical bills, pictures, witness statements and insurance policy information.  In addition, your accident legal team may hire videographers and other experts to supplement your case with good documentation.  Finally, your legal team will prepare a demand for settlement which you may review and assess your damages in order to make a proposal for compensation.

What are the fees for handling personal injury or accident cases?2022-07-29T11:47:21+00:00

Avard Law Offices, PA., does not charge a fee unless they win.  Therefore, it is only contingent on winning the case.

What if I feel my questions are not answered in this Q&A?

Please call your Avard Law case worker or attorney at (239) 945-0808 and tell them the question for which you do not understand the answer. Or ask a question not covered by the Q & A questions. Please note that your calls should be answered within 48 hours. Thank you for your assistance. We are working very hard to help you win your case.


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