How to Prepare for a Social Security Disability Hearing

We have put together two very important videos to help you know what to expect while pursuing your case. Please follow the steps below and watch video 1 then 2, in that order. These are important things to know. The videos contain details about what the Social Security Administration will be looking for.

Step 1:

Watch This Video First, “How to Prepare for Your Social Security Hearing”:

Step 2:

Please watch this video second

It is extremely important to follow the instructions and pay close attention when filling out your forms. It may be the difference between winning your case and not.

If you still have questions after viewing these videos, please discuss them with your Social Security Disability Lawyer at Avard Law. If you are watching this video and have not talked to an attorney yet, please call us today at 888.685.7930. Your consultation is free.

Preparing for Your Medical Examination

The following video provides important information you will need to know to be prepared for your medical exam.

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