Video Conference Court Hearings

For Video Conference Court Hearings, Avard Law Offices is pleased to offer a video conference court hearings meeting room for participating in official social security hearings. Ask how you can have your hearing in the comfort of our office.

Instead of traveling to a courtroom, paying for parking and waiting for your turn, you can attend a prearranged hearing, in front of the judge via video conference, right in our office! Many clients have had their Social Security Disability Hearings in our Video Conferencing Room.

Our hearing room is private, comfortable, air conditioned, outfitted with modern video equipment and a large format high definition television. You can see the judge and the judge can see and hear you, just like if you were there in person. Our attorneys are in the room with you every step of the way, just like in regular court sessions.

Video Conferencing is a great option for SSD Hearings

Video Teleconferencing, or VTC, has been used in courtrooms and businesses across the globe to connect people who would otherwise be unreachable due to distance and traveling expenses. It is very much like a video phone call and has been used successfully for over twenty-five years.


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