Common Car Crash Injuries in Florida and Their Causes

Florida is home to some of the highest incidences of car accidents of any state.

Recently, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV)  tallied more than 340,000 car crashes in the state. Contributing to the annual car accident figure are roughly 933 daily crashes that occur daily. Moreover, the FLHSMV has recorded more than 3,330 car accident-related deaths.

Of the thousands of car crashes that take place in Florida, more than two-thirds result in injuries — many of which incapacitating. Here are some of the most likely injuries you can place in your injury claim in Florida.

Common Injuries from Car Crashes

Facial Fractures

Facial fractures are some of the most likely injuries resulting from a car accident. These result from the ballistic force that propels a driver forward at the moment of a car crash. Even with a seat belt, the driver’s face can make contact with the steering wheel, resulting in fractures to the cheekbones and the nose.

Skull Fractures

With the velocity of a vehicle and the resulting inertia generated by the crash, the skull is vulnerable to forces of up to 47,000 kilograms in a span of 3.6 milliseconds.

These forces are equal to being struck on the head with a blunt object. Impact forces such as this can significantly fracture the frontal portion of the skull.

Whiplash Injuries

The Center for Disease Control defines whiplash as an injury caused to the soft tissues of the neck and spine. This occurs as a result of the head tilting forward and back suddenly from the deceleration forces of a car crash.

At its mildest, a whiplash causes headaches and stiff neck. In the worst-case scenario, it leads to debilitating paralysis of the upper body.


Concussions usually follow impact to the head from a sudden stop or deceleration. Concussions can cause lasting inflammation in the brain, as well as some of the problems seen in a whiplash injury.

The Causes of Car Crash Injuries

Besides the impact of a car crash, there are other causes of injuries. Here are the most common causes of injury in car accidents in Florida:

Improperly Wearing a Seat Belt or Not Wearing One

The FLHSMV recorded as many as 1,578 injuries resulting from not wearing a seat belt. Other seat belt-related injuries were the result of wearing just one part of the seat belt (the shoulder or lap strap only).

Not Wearing a Helmet (for Cyclists and Bikers)

Sometimes, car accidents involve cyclists and bikers. Cyclists and bikers who have been on the receiving end of severe head injuries have been without helmets. As a result, the state recorded as many as 1,723 injuries.

Alcohol Impairment

Florida identifies alcohol intoxication as the single most common cause of car accidents and injuries in the state. According to the FLHSMV’s most recent statistics, alcohol intoxication led to more than 4,550 car accident injuries and crashes in 2020.

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