What Should I Do If A Pet or Wild Animal Caused A Car Accident In Florida?

Florida has quite a large population of wild animals and pets, so it is not uncommon for animal-related car accidents to happen across the state. Accidents involving animals can be very complicated because liability depends on different circumstances.

If a squirrel runs across the road and causes you to crash into the guard rail on a 4 lane highway, who should be held liable? What if a dog runs out on your way, causing an accident, who will pay the damages? In this article, we’ll explain more about these situations and what you should do.

What Should I Do When a Wild Animal Strikes My Car?

According to the CDC, an estimated 26,647 car crashes occur each year from encounters with animals on roadways, mostly collisions with deer.

Getting hit by a deer or any wild animal in Florida has its pitfalls. One, you can be left with a damaged vehicle that needs to be fixed. Two, you might have suffered personal injuries that require medical attention and recovery time.

To remedy this, personal injury protection (PIP) insurance (mandatory in Florida) pays for the expenses and helps drivers and/or passengers recover from any injuries resulting from traffic accidents, regardless of fault.

If you’re left with car damages, your car insurance usually covers it. That’s why it’s critical to check the exclusions of your policy. It will also be helpful if you seek legal help from an attorney to document the accident. Accident documentation is useful when acquiring claims from your insurance company.

What Should I Do If My Pet Is Involved in a Car Accident?

If your pet has been injured in a car accident, is your PIP able to pay for the damages or even your pet’s medical costs? Unfortunately, PIP and even your auto insurance won’t cover your pet’s medical expenses. It’s your responsibility to take care of these costs.

The best option to guarantee that your pet will receive the proper care when a car accident takes place is to take out a pet insurance plan. For the first time, pets in Florida can get personalized insurance plans that suit their specific needs. Similar to other insurance policies such as car or health, pet insurance protects from financial losses that may happen due to your pets incurring injuries after a car accident.

Florida Attorneys for Animal-Related Accidents

Wild animals and pets can be unpredictable when you’re on the road. Interactions with these animals can cause accidents, but you don’t have to face them alone. Law firms like Avard Law Offices are here to help you out.

If you’re in Naples, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Cape Coral wanting to ask for help to document the accident, our auto lawyers deliver exemplary service. Additionally, you can also call on Avard Law Offices, to seek legal help or consultation regarding such incidents.


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