Fiscal Year 2023 Disability Decision Stats from the Social Security Administration

*Stats provided by the Social Security Administration
**Stats are for the entire United States and all claimants, not just Avard Law Offices
***Avard Law Offices win rate percentages far exceed the national averages

Here are the stats for approvals and denials from SSA regarding Disability Benefits cases in FY 2023.

  • Initial Level
    • Allow 39%
    • Deny 61%
  • Reconsiderations
    • Allow 15%
    • Deny 85%
  • Administrative Law Judge Hearing
    • Allow 45%
    • Deny 30%
    • Dismiss 24%
  • Appeals Council
    • Allow 1%
    • Deny 83%
    • Dismiss 3%
    • Remand 13%
  • Federal Court Decisions
    • Allow 1%
    • Deny 33%
    • Dismiss 5%
    • Remand 61%

In all case types Avard Law Offices win percentage is significantly higher than the average rates reported by SSA. Again affirming that the hiring of Avard Law Offices to help you win your SSD case improves your chances of winning.

If you are a current client we appreciate having the opportunity to represent you. If you know someone who is struggling and deserves to be on Disability Benefits, please forward them this email and suggest that they call our office for a free consultation.


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