What if I don’t like the doctor the workers compensation insurance carrier picked for me?

In the aftermath of a workplace injury, it’s crucial to have a trustworthy and competent physician overseeing your treatment. However, in Florida, the choice of doctor for workers’ compensation claims is usually in the hands of the insurance carrier. But what if you’re unhappy with the doctor the insurance carrier picked for you? This blog post will address this concern based on Florida law, highlighting how the team at Avard Law Offices can help.

Understanding the Selection of Doctor in Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims

Under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, the employer or their insurance carrier typically has the right to choose the healthcare provider who will treat your work-related injuries. This often surprises workers who assume they can choose their own doctors, much like they would under their private health insurance. But what if you don’t agree with their choice?

Requesting a One-Time Change of Physician

If you’re not satisfied with the doctor assigned to you by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, you’re entitled under Florida law to request a one-time change of physician. To do this, you need to send a written request to your insurance carrier.

Upon receiving your request, the insurance carrier has five days to respond and provide you with a new doctor. If they fail to respond within this period, you have the right to choose the doctor yourself.

It’s important to note that this is a one-time only opportunity. If you’re dissatisfied with the second doctor, you can’t request another change through this process.

Why You Might Need Avard Law Offices

Navigating the one-time change of physician process can be complex and overwhelming, particularly while you’re recovering from a workplace injury. This is where the expertise of Avard Law Offices can be a significant asset.

With their deep understanding of Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, the team at Avard Law Offices can guide you through this process. They can help you draft the request for a change of physician, ensure that it is submitted correctly, and act promptly if the insurance carrier does not respond within the mandated timeframe.

Moreover, if you’re unhappy with your second doctor, Avard Law Offices can advise on other potential steps you could take, such as seeking an Independent Medical Examination.


Your recovery from a workplace injury is a critical period, and having a doctor you trust is a key part of this process. While Florida law provides a means to change your doctor if you’re unhappy with the insurance carrier’s choice, navigating this system can be challenging.

Don’t let these challenges add to the stress of your recovery. Reach out to Avard Law Offices. Their experienced team is ready to guide you through the process, helping to ensure you receive the best possible medical care and fair treatment under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.